Sunsets / Night cruises

Sunset cruises

Sunset cruises are the essence of your stay in Gdańsk.
stunning views
cruises every day
comfortable boat
JBL sound system
max. 10 ppl


Sunset cruises are the essence of your stay in Gdańsk. It is worth going to the shipyard and admiring the sun hiding among the Gdańsk giraffes with a glass of champagne.

Absolutely, even advisable. On the water it is very important to hydrate :).
Yes, it is possible to connect via BT or cable.
The "bad" weather is decided by the skipper on the day of the cruise, the weather in the Gdańsk changes from hour to hour, if according to the sailing weather conditions are not suitable for sailing (storm or wind above 4 on the Boufort scale), we postpone the cruise according to your and our availability or we cancel and get a refund, but if it is cloudy or chilly, cruises are normal. There are blankets on board and it is good to have warm clothes with you. The Old Town is much warmer than the bay because we are sheltered.
Yes, please contact us via e-mail.
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